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"There are people among us, who don't want to live. It would be good to try to understand why."
The look at the mental health problems from a different perspective. The collection of essays presents the point of view of the person who suffers unbearable psychical pain leading to suicidal thoughts. It is the insight coming directly from the deepest abyss of human's soul and mind where no one wants to be. The Author's intention is to increase the awareness of suicide problems among those whose knowledge is only superficial or comes from academical sources only.

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I was raised by a bad, abusive mother. My father was absent. And I was always completely alone with all my problems. These factors - among others - affected my whole life making of it a disaster. 
But I decided to change it and to find a treatment for my countless wounds. This very book tells how I coped with issues in regard to the relationship with men, professional path and a little bit with faith. 
However, in the first place, it says how I was fighting to accept who I really am. I had to learn to live with the awareness that some scars cannot be erased completely, e.g. that I will always be autistic and, in some aspects, I won't live the life I want.

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